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04 January 2012 @ 02:09 pm
Ohno and Okura on Oku-sama 100!  
This interview just about beats every magazine interview I’ve seen the guys talk about their ideal wife, because you get to see Ohno’s reaction live and Okura is interviewing him. 

Ohno recently made a special appearance on the variety program Oku-sama 100! In the show, Okura Tadayoshi (of Kanjani8) treated him to pasta with seabream (a Kawagoe Tatsuya recipe). In turn, Ohno had to talk about his ideal wife. 

Okura: Ta-da! What sort of person would you like to marry? Do you have an ideal marriage in mind?
Ohno: How about Chuu?*
Okura: Why are you turning the question back on me?
Ohno: Do you have an aspiration to marry?
Okura: Well, I do but! Please answer the question!
Ohno: EH?! I, you know… In the past, I used to [want to get married].
Okura: And when was that?
Ohno: When I was in my teens or twenties, like when I was in my teens up till when I was 20.
Okura: Right, right. Has it changed?
Ohno: It has!
Narrator: What change has taken place in Ohno’s mind about his past aspirations to get married?
Ohno: I mean, drawing is my hobby, right? 
Okura: Yes, yes.
Ohno: And I’ve got fishing, too.
Okura: Right.
Ohno: And I’ve been doing it by myself, right?
Okura: True.
Ohno: I’m not yet satisfied by the things that I’ve been doing by myself!
Okura: You’re not done yet? But you’ve already had an exhibition, and you pretty much go fishing all the time, don’t you?
Ohno: I’ve not been going that often. 
Okura: You haven’t been going? But it seems like you’ve been going…
Ohno: [My skin] has been pretty fair recently, hasn’t it?
Okura: Yeah it is!
Ohno: It’s easy to tell.
Okura: Do you have any conditions [for someone to be your marriage partner]?
Ohno: Well you see, someone who quietly leaves me alone. (bursts out laughing)
Okura: That isn’t love anymore, is it?
Okura: What age would you like to get married? Just as a casual goal.
Ohno: If I were to get married?
Okura: Right. 
Ohno: If I were to get married, it would be about 35 years old I guess?
Okura: 35?
Ohno: That’s in another 4 years… Oh, that’s impossible!
Okura: [bursts out laughing]
Ohno: 40, I guess!
Okura: How about Arashi? Within Arashi…
Ohno: Who’d be the first?
Okura: Who’d be the first. Who would that be?
Narrator: Who seems to be the first Arashi member to get married?
Ohno: If you were to ask me who has their life meticulously planned out, it seems like Sho-kun!
Okura: Aaah, Sho-kun!
Ohno: Sho-kun pretty much plans everything. For example, within a day, he schedules certain things to be done within a time frame. He plans everything meticulously inside his head. 
Okura: I see. 
Ohno: So I guess his life planning would go the same way.
Ohno: Hina seems like someone who would plan these kind of things. He’s always carrying his second bag. It seems like he would write down everything. 
Okura: Haha, I get it!
*Translator’s note: The kanji character for “Tada” in Tadayoshi can also be read as “Chuu”.

tink_chan has very graciously agreed to sub this video, so stay tuned to this space!

Credit: ohno_dailytudou

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